Nion Editions
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a chapbook press





Founded in 2016 by Jane Gregory, Lyn Hejinian, and Claire Marie Stancek, Nion Editions publishes three titles per year, with special interest in chapbooks and uncategorizable forms. In addition to finished works, Nion is interested in writing that might be deemed fugitive: works-in-progress, thought experiments, guesswork, shards, remnants.






2639 Russell Street

Berkeley, CA 94705


car]ve or [g]naw a niche, [gli]tch my [l]ove-/ [s]ong this [ph]ylum in [s]kin or [king]dom in noise.
— Cody-Rose Clevidence, from PERVERSE, ALL MONSTROUS (Nion Editions, 2017)


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